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Uttam Super Brands LLP

Uttam super brands LLP is a retail product division of Uttam group, Established in the year 1900, the group serves customers in key growth markets. The Uttam group has six marketing divisions, each catering to a defined market segment. These are Medical, Industrial and Cryogenic, Fire and Safety, Food & Beverage, Automotive and Recreational.

With a unique portfolio of Atmospheric Gases, Specialty Gases, Light Weight Gas Containment Systems in aluminium and Carbon Composite Materials, Gas Pipeline Systems, Services and Equipments the Uttam group has been serving an array of customers from the Indian Army personnel at Siachin Glacier (the highest battleground on earth) to the Honorable President of India.

Oxygo is brand developed by the group to make a mark in health care space.India needs to breath Easy & Breath clean & our product is a unique solution for the same.